. The Learning Basket ® touches the lives of two generations over and over again
Young children are nurtured by parents who come to understand that the first 3 years are the most important in developing a child's potential to learn The Learning Basket® approach nurtures learning for families in the United States and elsewhere
It is an approach that is both local and global.
GUATEMALA :  Educators from Venezuela, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala and the United Kingdom engaged in a presentation of the Learning Basket® approach at the ICA-sponsored conference on International Development in Antigua in August 2004.
MEXICO: Neighbors trained as Promoters have created Study and Craft groups for mothers of young children in the barrios of Bucerias, Mexico.  Each group made Learning Baskets® and learned how to play with their babies using brain stimulating activities.
ARIZONA:  The Phoenix Public Library is using the Learning Basket® parenting curriculum as a way of reaching out to parents of infants and toddlers.  The curriculum provides a practical way of developing pre-literacy skills with babies and nurturing literacy among the parents.
CALIFORNIA:  Home Visitors in rural Modoc County have helped isolated parents of infants and toddlers to have practical ways of being their child's first and best teacher by using the Learning Basket® materials.
COLORADO:  A network of child care centers that serve families in the rural farming region of the San Luis Valley have adopted the Learning Basket® as a way of providing individual attention to infants and toddlers.  A public school has initiated an outreach program for parents using the Learning Basket materials at parents' meetings.
ILLINOIS:  Teen parents increased their reading skills 2 grade levels as a result of a family literacy program that combines parenting sessions using the Learning Basket® approach in conjunction with tutoring sessions and library visits.  In a pilot program at a national Child-Parent Center, parents of infants and toddlers increased their knowledge about pre-natal and post-natal care as well as what is essential about nurturing learning before a child enters pre-school.  Women involved in a job-skills training program used the Learning Basket® curriculum to become aware of how they learn and approach their jobs.  In two state- of - the-art childcare centers, the Learning Basket materials form the core of the daily curriculum.
MINNESOTA: Caregivers of infants and toddlers in a mission church received Learning Basket ® training and materials to enrich the care they provide during Sunday School.
NEW MEXICO:  Home Visitors and day care providers in the Santa Fe area received training to use the Learning Basket® approach with Native American and Hispanic parents.
WASHINGTON STATE:  The Learning Basket® curriculum is being adapted for use in a television series for parents by the Yakima City Board of Education.
Join us in nurturing the gift of literacy and learning.
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