Some Evaluation Results
The Learning Basket materials have been piloted with parents in a Migrant Head Start program in Utah, a Healthy Families family support program in inner city Chicago, and in eight rural villages in Paraguay. Excerpts from an external evaluation follow:

"The Practitioners' Training Course provided the family support program staff the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of group sessions and the process of Imaginal Education"

"The mothers and staff of the family support program continue to have the spirit of the Learning Basket Approach in their homes and in their work together.  Six months after the groups drew to a close, this focus has continued to be included in on-going home visiting services."

"In the standardized test given to the parents, in all three areas:  Attitude, Knowledge and Behavior, there was an increase in positive responses six months after the groups ended.  The area which had the lowest score throughout was Attitude.  However, this area showed the greatest positive change from Pre Test to Post Test."

"From the narrative reports of the group sessions, parents discussed what objects their children played with and how they enjoyed them. Of the 18 different objects, 14 were mentioned as being played with between group sessions.  All of the objects were used by several mothers. This type of participation on the part of mothers can build lasting patterns of positive communication and behaviors with their children.  The parents' emotional relationships bring stimulation which promotes brain development and they bring experiences which teach about relationships.  Over time the relationships bring opportunity and activities which promote communicative, cognitive and physical development."
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