The Learning Basket® Approach
Nurtures Family Literacy
Using Materials Developed in
Spanish and English

These materials and approach have been piloted with Early Head Start, Healthy Families and Migrant Head Start programs as well as Family Literacy Programs funded by the Secretary of State's Literacy Office 
in the state of Illinois
Developed by
 The Center of Imaginal Education
in consultation with

Ann Austin, Ph.D., Utah State University
Lynn Cutis, Ph.D., Laubach Literacy
Helen Heal, Ph.D., California Institute on Human Services, Sonoma                               State University
Dr. Karl Hess, M.D., Pediatrician, Kaiser Permanente
Donna Mahr, M.Ed., Grandmother, Parent Share
Roberta Purcell, Ph.D., Coordinator, Early On

          Elaine Weeks, Ed.D, LDS Charities
          Ernie Weeks, Ed.D, LDS Charities

Paula Otto, Teacher, and Mother
Jane Stavoe, Teacher, Mother, and Grandmother
Tina Valdes, Teacher, and Mother
Sandy Curtis, Socialworker, Mother, and Grandmother

           Barbara Jones, Computer Consultant
           Linda Koch, Grandmother, Artist
           Dorcas Rose, Grandmother, Artist
           Pat Klatt, Artist
           Lorraine Otto, Artist
           JoAlice Seybert, Artist
           Jane Warren, Artist
Contact Information
Walter E. Brown
Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA
The Learning Basket Program
4750 North Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640
"Play to Learn is one of those rare accessible, instruments that can enhance and support the parent-child alliance just when it needs to get on the right track.  Simple but not simplistic, it speaks instantly to the world's parents of peaceful, mutually enjoyable learning."
                   Dr. Kyle Pruett
                   President of Zero to Three
                   Author of the books Me, Myself, and I and The Fatherneed

"For most infants and toddlers their parents are their first and best love.  Play to Learn and the Learning Basket approach are wonderful tools which provide children and parents delightful time to cultivate that love through learning and playing together."   
                   Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D
   Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco
                   Senior Psychologists, Infant-Parent program
                   Author of the book The Emotional life of the Toddler
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The Play to Learn activity book provides age-appropriate multicultural activities for Parents and Children Together (PACT) interactive play..
 Parenting Education and Support

The Parents are Teachers literacy manual provides multicultural line drawings that stimulate conversation, critical thinking and problem-solving while enhancing vocabulary. The manual has been developed in collaboration with Proliteracy Worldwide.

The Lessons of Danielle and Carlos is a series of 13 presentations conveying critical information about the role of play in the development of language and learning.  The lessons contain  role plays, reflective conversations and interactive activities. 
Success Before School: Child Readiness

The Learning Basket contains 

18 categories of objects that are appropriate for interactive play with infants and toddlers.

The Play to Learn activity book provides activities that nurture learning through multiple intelligences across four major learning domains.  A special emphasis is put on language development and pre-math and pre-reading skills as well as the development of self-confidence, self-image and imagination.
Home Visitation Manual

The Learning Basket Home Visitation Manual was written in collaboration with the Howard Area Community Center Infant and Toddler program in Chicago.  The manual is user-friendly, containing  over 100 pages of age-appropriate activities which were developed by seasoned home visitors who have the concern for partnering with parents to develop their children's optimal  potential.
Practitioner Training Program

The Practitioners Training Program is a series of three-day course offerings that equip practitioners to successfully design and implement a family literacy program using the Learning Basket approach.  Three-hour modules include training in Home Visitation emphasizing a partnership with parents, and developing pre-literacy skills through interactive play, and nurturing adult literacy through life skills education.

Adult Self-Sufficiency Through Education

Learning for Success Life Skills Curriculum*
      Social and Personal Skills
      Financial and Economic Literacy
      Consumer Literacy
      Employability Skills

Research and Development*