The Learning Basket Practitioners' Course includes 6 three-hour modules that enable staff members of day care and family support programs to understand the Imaginal Education  theory and practices involved in the Learning Basket approach.  Program directors in consultation with a Certified Learning Basket Consultant decide which six modules from a selection of 10 will complement their on-going staff development program.

Consultation and Customization

A Certified Learning Basket Consultant meets with the staff of an on-going program or a program in formation to discern how the Learning Basket Approach can best meet the needs of the program.  Usually a program involves relating to parents as the primary teachers of their young children.  In the consultation process the program staff and the consultant discern how the parents will be involved.  Sometimes this is through group learning sessions and home visits. If the materials are going to be used in a childrens' classroom setting, plans are made to elaborate individual learning plans that serve as an infant or toddler's curriculum.

Nurturing Intelligence, Developing Leadership, Strengthening Literacy

In parent meetings and staff meetings parents and caregivers learn how to interact creatively with infants and toddlers through play.  Using the Play to Learn activity manual, caregivers become familiar with the Imaginal Education approach that is simple but not simplistic.

Through group conversations using the Parents are Teachers literacy manual parents and caregivers share their experiences, express their ideas and discern how they can improve their parenting skills.  Parents are encouraged to guide group conversations and to demonstrate leadership.

How the Learning Basket Approach is Implemented
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