The Learning Basket Approach Can Nurture the Growth of Intelligence in Children 0-3 Years Old
The Learning Basket® has been developed to be a practical tool to enable parents and caregivers to nurture learning with infants and toddlers through play.  The basket contains 18 categories of objects that can be used in developmentally appropriate play activities with children from 0 through 36 months of age.
  The objects are hand made or easily purchased at modest prices.  All objects have been selected because they are safe, can be easily obtained at relatively low cost and can be packed away in a basket or simple container to be accessible to parents and caregivers. 

   The Learning Basket® contains handmade items such as diversity dolls and colored crocheted balls and purchased items such as a magnifyng glass and measuring cups.  The items in the Learning Basket® are made and supplied to the project and participating programs by volunteers.  The making of the basket provides a practical means by which community resources are linked to community needs.
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